Cryonic Suspension


Alcor Life Extension Foundation is a US-based nonprofit company located in Scottsdale, Arizona that researches, promotes and performs cryonics, the preservation of humans in liquid nitrogen after legal death, with hopes of restoring them to full health when new technology is developed in the future.

As of August 31, 2012, Alcor had 975 members, and 112 patients (76 of which are neuropatients). Alcor has also cryopreserved the pets of members, which amounts to 33 at this time.

Members suspended include Dick Clair, an Emmy Award-winning television sitcom writer and producer, as well as Hall of Fame baseball legend Ted Williams. Current members of Alcor include nanotechnology pioneer Eric Drexler, Internet pioneer Ralph Merkle, engineer Keith Henson and his family, MIT professor Marvin Minsky, gerontology theoretician Aubrey de Grey, mathematician Edward O. Thorp, inventor Ray Kurzweil, Magali & Stephan Beauregard, and Mario Stinger, author of the Destined for Oblivion series.

  The American Cryonics Society (ACS) is a member-run nonprofit organization based in California which supports and promotes education regarding cryonics and cryobiology. The ACS is the oldest cryonics organization in the United States. Since 1972, it offered a program where members who enroll are placed into cryonic suspension upon their deaths and then maintained in liquid nitrogen. This program provides for continuous funding so that the relatives of the subject are not required to pay for the initial freezing and the maintenance.
  The Cryonics Institute (CI) is a member-owned-and-operated not-for-profit corporation which provides cryonics services. It is located in Clinton Township, Michigan. CI had 1,040 members, 505 of whom had funding and contracts in place to be cryopreserved upon legal death. Among those funded, 131 had contracts with Suspended Animation, Inc. for standby and transport. Overall, 112 humans, 188 human tissue/DNA samples and 91 pets and 57 pet tissue/DNA samples are cryonically preserved in liquid nitrogen storage.

KrioRus is the first and only cryonics company in Eurasia. Established in 2005, it is the first cryonics company outside the United States, except for Alcor-UK.

KrioRus offers neurosuspension, full-body cryonics suspension, pet cryonics suspension, DNA storage, transportation of the body in dry ice and other related services to clients from Russia, CIS and EU.

Currently, the company stores the brains of several patients, including that of Lidia Ivanovna Fedorenko and Lubov Chernaya among others, in its facilities outside Moscow. Some full-body patients are also stored.

As of August 2011, KrioRus had 17 humans, 2 cats, 4 dogs and 2 birds in cryopreservation.


EUCRIO is an organization that specializes in providing state-of-the art standby, stabilization, and transport procedures for members of cryonics organizations living in the European Union.